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The idea & the people behind it

The capital Bern has an active, diverse and inviting tango scene, which is attracting more and more foreign tangueras and tangueros. For this reason, 9 established milonga organizers or tango schools have come together and put together a long tango weekend. From 2nd to 5th May 2024, the first edition of our "Milonga Tour de Berne" invites all curious dancers from near and far to explore the (tango) capital by dancing. 9 milongas with 9 nationally and internationally known DJs in 8 different locations are waiting for you to discover and dance to - have fun!

Eric & Jeusa

The story of Eric & Jeusa begins in 1987 in Rio de Janeiro, where Eric met Jeusa after a year-long stay in Buenos Aires.

The following years were marked by her pioneering work in spreading Argentine tango in Brazil and traveling as a guest teacher through many European countries.

As show dancers, they accompanied tours of orchestras such as Jorge Dragone, La Strapata, Trio Gomina and Silencio Orquesta and appeared in various TV shows.

They have had a foothold in the PROGR in Bern since 2004 and have been largely responsible for building the local tango scene ever since.

With their many years of experience as course leaders and as organizers of the nationally popular Milonga, they have been enriching tango in Bern for years.


Friday, 3. May
(20:30 - 00:30)

DJ Marco Dozio (Turin)

Speichergasse 4
3011 Bern

DJ Marco Dozio


Tangolounge is a monthly, traditional Milonga in the heart of Bern (since 2013) - every 3rd Saturday of the month at Neuengasse 24.

Experienced DJs play music mainly from the Epoca de Oro, the time of the great tango orchestras in Buenos Aires. Our passions are quality of the sound and a careful selection of the music. 160 m2 wooden dance floor and a staffed bar with lounge in a stylish ambience. Extravagant terrace for recreational moments. Everyone is warmly welcome.

The Tangolounge team is part of the organization of Milonga Tour de Berne and supports the preparation and implementation both materially and ideally. From 2025 on we will be there with our own Milonga. For the 2024 edition, we look forward to dancing with you in the various offered Milongas. Albi & Birte. Tangolounge@Facebook

Milonga de las Flores since 2011

Tango Classico in the unique ambience of a textile care company. International and national DJs. Usually every second Saturday of the month 20:00 – 00:30. The hosts: Markus Balsiger and Judith.

Milonga de las Flores with Café & cake
Saturday, 4. May
(14:30 - 18:30)

DJ Sarah Finci (Genève)

Libellenweg 10
3006 Bern
(Halle Textilpflege)

DJ Sarah Finci

Sarah Finci has been a well-known DJ from Geneva for years. Their music promises magic, harmony and makes you want to dance.

Sonia & Mario Labrunie

Mario (Argentinian from Buenos Aires) & Sonia (Swiss from the canton of Bern) have been running the "Tango School Sonia & Mario Labrunie" in Bern & Thun for 15 years.

They met in Buenos Aires and in Switzerland they pass on their passion for tango every day:

You teach 7 days a week (Viento Sur, Studio 111), offer various milongas and enjoy presenting your art on the show stage. In January 2024 they received the recognition award for their artistic career and the valuable presentation of Tango Argentino in Switzerland from the Argentine ambassador in Bern.

Late Night Milonga

Saturday (night on Sunday), 4. May
(00:30 - 03:30)

Aurélien Niort (FRA)

Lerchenweg 33
3012 Bern

Aurélien Niort (France)


¡Chetango! is the independent, non-profit organization for Tango Argentino in Bern

¡Chetango! was founded in 1993 to publicize and promote Tango Argentino in Bern. ¡chetango! is a grassroots, stable, now 30-year-old scene which, independent of material interests, is based on the pure joy of dancing tango.

Every 1st Friday of the month the ¡Chetango! Milonga instead.

Black Knights Tango

Friday, 3. Mai
(14:30 - 18:30)

DJ Matias Diaz (ARG)

Freiburgstrasse 111
3008 Bern

DJ Matias Diaz (ARG)

Matias and his wife Camilla are majestros from Buenos Aires. They commute between worlds. At the moment they can be found in Chur, Switzerland, where they teach.

Matias is a teacher, dancer and DJ and looks back on a long career in tango.

Paolo y Elena Tango

Paolo and Elena, CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) qualified tango teachers, both discovered tango in two completely different places in the world, but it was tango that brought them together.

Both have training in various areas of art and music, as well as individual professional and artistic experiences.

In 2021 they worked as tango teachers in Turin for a year and are now working in Bern as the owner and director of the tango school and the Luna Negra cultural center and are currently traveling in Europe as guest teachers and show dancers.

Farewell Milonga La Frida
Sunday, 5. May
(16:00 - 20:00)

DJ Mario Sette (Rom)

Zentweg 17A
3006 Bern

DJ Mario Sette (Rom)

Blauer Elefant

In the more traditional Bernese tango landscape, the Milonga "Blue Elephant" offers not only the typical but also a lot of alternative music from various genres, which is ideal for tango dancing.

Blauer Elefant
Alternative Milonga

Sunday, 5. May
(11:30 - 15:30)

DJ Patrick Traub (Lausanne)

Zentweg 17A
3006 Bern

DJ Patrick Traub (Lausanne)

"Whether classic or neo, let's dance!"

Camille Marie Yannantuono & Valentino Sorpresi

Camille comes from San Diego, California, Valentino is Italo-Berner. Tango has brought our life and dance paths together. Since 2013 we have been running the Sorpresi Tango tango school in Bern's old town in our tango home base LA PERLA - El Salón. The intimate connection within the couple, the mindful communication between the dance partners, as well as the enjoyable interpretation of the music are the focus of our lessons. It is also important to us to regularly invite selected maestras/maestros to LA PERLA as guest teachers in order to offer motivated dancers a variety of training and to be inspired by the best in their field.

Sorpresi Tango offers 6 different milongas throughout the year in 6 different locations in Bern, which appeal to different dancers. At the Milonga Tour de Berne we host the After Hours Tango Club. Together with DJ Iskra Strateva we will take the tango into a club atmosphere late at night - let yourself be surprised!

After Hours Tango-Club

Friday (night on Saturday), 3. May
(00:30 - 03:30)

DJ Iskra Strateva (Basel)

LA PERLA - El Salón
Gerechtigkeitsgasse 21
3011 Bern

DJ Iskra Strateva (Basel)

Milonga Época Nueva

The Milonga Época Nueva takes place on the first Saturday of the month at the Bern Circus School, often with guest DJs. We also regularly offer musicians from Argentina a platform. We value a benevolent atmosphere and look forward to Open Role Tanguer@s!

Mileva Demenga & Martín Lebrero: We convey tango as what it means to us: una cultura popular. We have been teaching tango in Bern since 2012 and are at home in the old fire department Viktoria.


Sabina Seiler: As a qualified ballet dancer and teacher, she came to Tango Argentino and has been teaching tango in Switzerland and Europe for almost 30 years. She has also worked in many artistic productions as a choreographer and dancer. As one of the first women to dance both roles at the same level, she teaches a tango on an equal level with technique and feeling. www.sabinaseiler.ch

Gran Milonga Época Nueva

Saturday, 4. May
(20:30 - 00:30)

DJ Irma Gross (Basel)

Gotthelfstrasse 31
3013 Bern

DJ Irma Gross (Basel)

Sophia und Jesús Rodriguez

Sophia and Jesús met during their tango dance teacher training in Buenos Aires.

Jesús Rodriguez grew up in a suburb of Buenos Aires, where tango is lived and danced. For 28 years he has lived as a tango dance teacher, show dancer and artist of the Argentine painting art "Fileteo Porteño".

Sophia Rodriguez came to Buenos Aires from Zurich to learn tango. Her passion for dance and the lifestyle associated with it led her to stay in Buenos Aires for four years.

Jesùs and Sophia have been happily running the tango studio ¿Báilas? together since 2016. in a picturesque vaulted cellar in the old town of Bern.

Welcome Milonga

Thursday, 2. May
(20:00 - 23:30)

DJ Rafael Herbas (St Gallen)

Gerechtigkeitsgasse 58
3011 Bern

DJ Rafael Herbas (St Gallen)

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